Last dessert…(?)

We had a belated celebration around two weeks ago. “Celebrating what?” you might ask. Well amongst other things the end of our second year at university (unofficial, as there ARE still exams haha! But hey grab life’s every little moments right?!)


It was a beautiful day and we had a very relaxing time, something we all needed quite desperately after the frenetic last days of term ^^!Image

We had an early dinner, where I had THE most amazing Tiramisu (well it was THE best amongst the ones I have tasted so far ^^). At this point, I should probably mention that one of my best friends ( of a decade now!) has previously gone through a crazy phase of ” Oh.My.God. I want Tiramisu.” As far as I am aware of ( correct me if I am wrong), I have not seen many places in Mauritius selling Tiramisu….. So she had to make do with a poor substitute I think?

Well the point here is, that tiramisu was good! Maybe not orgasmically good, but good! I might taste better ones yet! Given that I have a condition where things like dessert is forbidden fruit to me, this was manna! Alas, in a bid to manage my condition, this was to be my last dessert, whose memory will have to be enough for me to live on for a year (maybe more…). Sad but what a way to end ^_^