Rants….. The King 2 Hearts (Spoilers:/)

Hah… Warning to all King 2 Hearts fans spoilers ahead……

So I was just watching the 7th episode without subtitles because (let’s be honest here ) this drama is too good to wait for subtitles!!

But I am afraid I have to rant! Why WHY WHY?! Can’t they not die?! Everyone is so nice for once in a drama with good dynamics! No silly evil sister, stepsister, aunt, mother in law blah blah blah! Just our two lovebirds, nice families and a villain(albeit a very creepy one, guess that’s how they are these days?)! Just what I ordered 😛

Couldn’t it be like that, without killing characters off?! I haven’t had enough of the sibling love yet for the producers to end it!!! Hah cruel cruel world of kdramaland , how I hate and love thee TT_TT

On another note YAYYY SEUNGGI!!! ❤ and HA JI WON unnie!!!

Amongst all the things that I love about this drama is that it does not DRAG! That is something I am very grateful for! Its developing at a very good pace! Hope this goes on till the end of the drama and doesn’t lose its vigour(?) by the end of the series!


Kpopland and Kdramaland update

Current Korean Dramas that have me captivated ^^:

-The King 2 Hearts (Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won! <3)

-Rooftop Prince (Omo Chunnie!! >.< , Lee Min Ho!)

Ah The Moon that Embraces the Sun was EPIC as well, despite the slightly, teensy bit disappointing ending… But neat and satisfying nonetheless! I was very excited to see Lee Dong Wook’s new drama Wild Romance  with Lee Si Young (!!<3), but I struggled to watch the first episode and gave up. Scent of a Woman  gave me high expectations, but hey you win some and lose some! I still love him!

On another note, I wonder how he will fare as Strong Heart’s new MC ? Seungi will be sorely missed but at least we still get to see him in the drama 😉


Nell is making their comeback soon! Can’t wait !!

EXO-K finally debuted… emphasis on the finally here  but  very very promising group!

4Minute released their music video but I have not seen it yet so….

CNBlue!! I need to listen to the album properly ( I know *gasp* I dare call myself a BOICE?!)

SHINHWAAAAAAA!!! YEAAAHHHH!! ❤ ❤ Love, love these guys! Still kickin’ butt after 14 years!!! Legend indeed!!! Though seeing them makes me feel slightly melancholic as I see what DBSK might have been… Still, keep the faith! Things do happen for a reason!

SHINee!! Lee Jinki and Key ❤