Rants….. The King 2 Hearts (Spoilers:/)

Hah… Warning to all King 2 Hearts fans spoilers ahead……

So I was just watching the 7th episode without subtitles because (let’s be honest here ) this drama is too good to wait for subtitles!!

But I am afraid I have to rant! Why WHY WHY?! Can’t they not die?! Everyone is so nice for once in a drama with good dynamics! No silly evil sister, stepsister, aunt, mother in law blah blah blah! Just our two lovebirds, nice families and a villain(albeit a very creepy one, guess that’s how they are these days?)! Just what I ordered 😛

Couldn’t it be like that, without killing characters off?! I haven’t had enough of the sibling love yet for the producers to end it!!! Hah cruel cruel world of kdramaland , how I hate and love thee TT_TT

On another note YAYYY SEUNGGI!!! ❤ and HA JI WON unnie!!!

Amongst all the things that I love about this drama is that it does not DRAG! That is something I am very grateful for! Its developing at a very good pace! Hope this goes on till the end of the drama and doesn’t lose its vigour(?) by the end of the series!