Fate and Friendship

Nearly two years ago, I was embarking on a fresh start in life. After harsh failure, depression and a very difficult two years…
But the difference was myself; I was a changed person, a better and stronger one. Armed with a new, positive, “I am all right” and the “Universe conspires to act for my own good” attitude and wise advice from my best friends in Mauritius, I went to university on a sunny autumn day in September. Despite all of this, one cannot help but be scared and anxious, and I trudged along on my first day, with it ending by having made one friend from the library tour.
The second day dawned, and I told myself this countless times, “It is ok to be on my own. If I don’t make friends now, it is not the end of the world. It takes time.”

Then the Universe stepped in.

I do believe it is true, when you surrender to the fact that there is a master plan out there and that the contribution we make is decision making, that Life, Fate, the Universe or God, conspires to show us the way. On that second day I met by chance, a group of wonderful people, by stepping up and talking to someone during a lunch gathering. From then this group of people I met just naturally gravitated towards each other and today we are still a tight knit group. For that I am always grateful, because friendship like that is very rare.

Amongst all these people, was an oldie like myself (even though only a year younger ;P). She had the same fears as mine; “I am older than these children, what do I do if I have to be alone?” Within the space of probably 6 months, through an argument, shared train journeys and probably experiences that were more than what we thought we had in common, we became good friends. At present, I can call her my best friend, because truly and honestly, on a level that I have only ever connected with my two other best friends before, I connect with her. As we both say, we are soul mate sisters ^_^!

Through common experiences, shared understanding of them, our love of food, music( not always the same 😉 ) and shared values, I found another treasure of a friend who is an amazing person!

Why am I sharing this today? Simply because it is her birthday! ^_^ I am unwell and was not able to meet her to give her her presents, and wish her a very Happy Birthday!
So this post is dedicated to her! And also to my two other very precious best friends, and soul sisters of 11 years (Theirs is a story that will take a longer post 😉 )!

Thank You Pie! For being the great person and friend you are! No matter what happens, I believe in you and I love you child! Even though I have only known you for two years, it feels like much longer! Be strong always and I know you have the potential to become an even better and bigger person ( spiritually not physically lol) and Happpyy Birthday sister!! ^_^

Ju and Sheek, Thank you my soul sisters! For always having stuck by me, no matter how much the distance! I know I don’t say it often, but I am always very thankful and grateful for always having you two in my life! I will always be there for you (haha Friends!) It doesn’t matter how long I am away, because whenever I am back it always feels like we are back in F3 when I left but with an even stronger bond. Love you both! (P.S: Look what I found ^_^)

Finally, I am very proud of all of you. The growth I have seen and I see in you (and me ) is amazing and you are awesome human beings! ❤ To many more years of craziness and wonderful times!

Happy Birthday Pie! Love you sister! ^_^


Cheesecake/soufflé yoghurt hybrid

So I’m amazed how these ideas just randomly pop in my head…… I had some yoghurt in the fridge and for some reason the idea of baking with eggs and yoghurt kept bugging me since yesterday. 

So I took 3tbsps out and placed it in a strainer with a cheesecloth to get some yoghurt cheese. Then after around 1hr30mins, I took two large eggs, separated the yolks and whites. I mixed the yolks with around 1tsp vanilla essence, and 2tbsps flour(slightly more). Mixed it. Ithen used my electric mixer to beat the egg whites with 2-3 pinches of flour and when they formed stiff peaks, I added around four or two tbsps white granulated sugar while still mixing. I gently added the whites to the yolk mixture and carefully folded the mixture,around 7-8 turns maximum each time. 

I poured this mixture into a greased bowl and placed it in the steamer for around 10-15mins. Tadahhhh!!!!! The result was amazing 😀 

I will post more later along with pictures but for now huzzah for the successful experiment!!

Rants….. The King 2 Hearts (Spoilers:/)

Hah… Warning to all King 2 Hearts fans spoilers ahead……

So I was just watching the 7th episode without subtitles because (let’s be honest here ) this drama is too good to wait for subtitles!!

But I am afraid I have to rant! Why WHY WHY?! Can’t they not die?! Everyone is so nice for once in a drama with good dynamics! No silly evil sister, stepsister, aunt, mother in law blah blah blah! Just our two lovebirds, nice families and a villain(albeit a very creepy one, guess that’s how they are these days?)! Just what I ordered 😛

Couldn’t it be like that, without killing characters off?! I haven’t had enough of the sibling love yet for the producers to end it!!! Hah cruel cruel world of kdramaland , how I hate and love thee TT_TT

On another note YAYYY SEUNGGI!!! ❤ and HA JI WON unnie!!!

Amongst all the things that I love about this drama is that it does not DRAG! That is something I am very grateful for! Its developing at a very good pace! Hope this goes on till the end of the drama and doesn’t lose its vigour(?) by the end of the series!

Kpopland and Kdramaland update

Current Korean Dramas that have me captivated ^^:

-The King 2 Hearts (Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won! <3)

-Rooftop Prince (Omo Chunnie!! >.< , Lee Min Ho!)

Ah The Moon that Embraces the Sun was EPIC as well, despite the slightly, teensy bit disappointing ending… But neat and satisfying nonetheless! I was very excited to see Lee Dong Wook’s new drama Wild Romance  with Lee Si Young (!!<3), but I struggled to watch the first episode and gave up. Scent of a Woman  gave me high expectations, but hey you win some and lose some! I still love him!

On another note, I wonder how he will fare as Strong Heart’s new MC ? Seungi will be sorely missed but at least we still get to see him in the drama 😉


Nell is making their comeback soon! Can’t wait !!

EXO-K finally debuted… emphasis on the finally here  but  very very promising group!

4Minute released their music video but I have not seen it yet so….

CNBlue!! I need to listen to the album properly ( I know *gasp* I dare call myself a BOICE?!)

SHINHWAAAAAAA!!! YEAAAHHHH!! ❤ ❤ Love, love these guys! Still kickin’ butt after 14 years!!! Legend indeed!!! Though seeing them makes me feel slightly melancholic as I see what DBSK might have been… Still, keep the faith! Things do happen for a reason!

SHINee!! Lee Jinki and Key ❤

Last dessert…(?)

We had a belated celebration around two weeks ago. “Celebrating what?” you might ask. Well amongst other things the end of our second year at university (unofficial, as there ARE still exams haha! But hey grab life’s every little moments right?!)


It was a beautiful day and we had a very relaxing time, something we all needed quite desperately after the frenetic last days of term ^^!Image

We had an early dinner, where I had THE most amazing Tiramisu (well it was THE best amongst the ones I have tasted so far ^^). At this point, I should probably mention that one of my best friends ( of a decade now!) has previously gone through a crazy phase of ” Oh.My.God. I want Tiramisu.” As far as I am aware of ( correct me if I am wrong), I have not seen many places in Mauritius selling Tiramisu….. So she had to make do with a poor substitute I think?

Well the point here is, that tiramisu was good! Maybe not orgasmically good, but good! I might taste better ones yet! Given that I have a condition where things like dessert is forbidden fruit to me, this was manna! Alas, in a bid to manage my condition, this was to be my last dessert, whose memory will have to be enough for me to live on for a year (maybe more…). Sad but what a way to end ^_^ 


My current k-dramas! and 비스트

Yay! Holidays are here (at least for me!)  And there is a flood of romcom korean dramas airing right now!!! Ah my own heaven! ^^
Romance Town  and Lie to me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) are currently tied as my favourite drama! Then comes The Greatest Love /Best Love(최고의 사랑)!

BEAST is back!!! Whoo!!! Fiction and Fact is an amazing album! I love how Dongwoon’s voice has “matured”!  They all sound even better ^^! Funny incident, I was in Hyde Park last week and someone was playing BEAST’s ‘Shock’ out loud!! I was ecstatic and started dancing and singing( to the my friends’ horror :p). Just goes to show BEAST are going to be global stars for sure! 😀

I was so proud of them when I saw their first performance! Their live  vocals did not disappoint! 비스트  대밬 !! ^^

My brief university life

Last year, I was a fresh faced first year medical student, anxious but excited about experiencing university life, and also full of hopes for the future (sounds very stereotypical, i know!)

As the end of my first year was approaching, I was a changed person and no longer as hopeful as before. Whether it was lack of dedication or simply ignorance as to how to study effectively, i did not succeed and now here I am out of university.

For someone who has previously always passed exams and enjoyed studying, but most importantly, always had a goal in life, this was and to some extent still is shocking and surreal! “Maybe my goal was not my true goal in life or Maybe i was not meant to do this“, I keep asking myself these questions, to no avail.

On a lighter note, I certainly do not think I lost a year in my education! Quite the opposite, i learnt a lot despite not passing exams, i discovered a whole new, fascinating world and that was when i did not even explore it to the maximum ( i.e :partying ^_^) I made wonderful friends, became more independent, discovered the thrill of going home late (haha yes it was a thrill to me even if i was late due to staying back in the library! ^_^), explored a lot of London and saw my fair share of cute guys in uni =] !

After having spent 13 years in primary school and then high school, relentlessy trying to achieve the best results, I am now taking a breather ( which i think i should have taken after high school). I do hope i find my way back to what I want to do and sure it is very difficult to sit there and think :”what do i want to be? what do i enjoy?“.

I think doing that is easier when we are still children, our opinions are not coloured by the countless expectations society and our family has of us or by restrictions in our thoughts and behaviour just so we comply with what is acceptable to society and the world not to ourselves. (woah there’s a very deep thought! :p)

I wonder what is best, taking a year off before university or going straight into university from high school?