Always grateful

ImageI was having a conversation with my best friend quite a while ago, telling her about this diary entry of mine that I have to show her. It was an epiphany, I guess? A real moment of clarity and peace. She suggested, why not put this on your blog? And here I am (albeit a few months later !) ! This somewhat follows on from my previous post.

I have always had a roof over my head, no matter where I was in the world.

I have always had the love and warmth of my parents, sometimes it might not have seemed like it to me, but it was there.

I have almost always had my best friends, no matter where, no matter when , be it night or day.

I have always been protected, kept safe from harm.

Had life been made somewhat easier (in most instances) for me.

Had education, no restriction to broaden my horizons, to seek knowledge. Always had the freedom to express myself.

The protection and support of loved ones, while also having the freedom to follow my path, of my own choosing.

Thus the point of all of this is simply that I have an abundance of wealth, not materialistically speaking, but as a human being.

I ask the Universe for forgiveness for all the times I have complained, cried and been angry for the things I did not get, I lost, the condition I have, the “no boyfriend at this age” complaint etc. , because I realise I have everything for a happy life, right now.

Some people ( children, babies  and adults) do not even have a fraction of all this and still continue living their lives.

I will someday for sure help them. I want to give, share what I have so generously always received from life, unconditionally.

And thus ended my simple and humble epiphany. It was probably always there at the back of my mind but never came to me so clearly and simply. Maybe because it was early in the morning and so quiet around me?



Irony and so on…

On the train today, I saw two advertisements, side by side.

Why is this ironic? Well one of the ads was a Christmas emergency appeal for homeless children by the charity Shelter. The second was an ad for for various items ranging from a chair which cost around 100 pounds,  a glorified bicycle  costing close to 200 pounds and much more.
How ironic life is. There are people who are able to and who do buy these things while there are homeless children who might die on cold streets. No food, no warmth and no shelter.image

Makes one think how do people who sail through life, having all those things but being blissfully ignorant to the plight of others, live with themselves ?

For less than half the price of one of these items, those children could get shelter during these dangerous and difficult times. Does this mean I am condemning those who do want these nice things in life? Simply put… No, I really am not. People work hard and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few nice things in life.  I read the following in the book, “Discover Your Destiny with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: The 7 Stages of Self-Awakening” by Robin Sharma. It says that it is not wrong to want money and live a comfortable life but  to be careful that making money does not become the sole focus of one’s life above all else.  I really love this quote which really summarizes it all ; ” money is the unintended yet inevitable by-product of a life spent helping others get what they want.”  


As for myself, I am always very grateful and glad that I was born in a middle class family. My parents have worked very hard. They both come from families where their fathers were in menial jobs (labourers in fields and manual jobs) and their mothers were housewives. Their life was difficult but nevertheless a character building childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  I am very proud of both of them to be the open minded and strong individuals they are today. The environment which me and my siblings grew up in, allowed us  to think more about our career paths in terms of what we want to do rather than we HAVE to do any jobs which will allow us to get a lot of money. For this, I am eternally grateful, because not once have I thought to find a job purely for the financial gain. I know money is important and however much I do make, I will save and manage within my means.

Coming back to the initial issue, what is it that those who are in a position to help using the fortunes they have can do? Even whilst enjoying the finer things in life?

I guess this is something to ponder on and carefully consider…


Today I felt humbled… This world has amazing people who are an inspiration. We get so caught up in the little things in everyday life that we  sometimes forget the important issues. How insignificant some things can be, like not being able to go to a concert, not being able to afford Tiffany jewellery, not being able to eat everything, not having designer bags, not being able to work up the courage to do things… and so on… Image

I am not saying they are silly but in the bigger scheme of life…they are… Not being able to afford these things while there are people, children, babies in the world who do not have basic things like a roof over their heads, running water or clothes. As for not being able to eat anything, there are people out there who do not eat for days, cannot afford a meal and even cannot feed their babies or children. Courage? Their are little children who have to start supporting their families, walking miles to get water or food, have to survive in the most dangerous environment, do not get education and often do not make it into adulthood despite all their efforts.

How can I complain? Can I not make a conscious effort not to? Can I , knowing all of this, not strive towards becoming a person who will help these people? The answer.. quite obvious, yes! This does not mean that I cannot enjoy the things I do have, but maybe giving up a treat or luxury a month to contribute to these causes, however small, makes a difference. It is a start and is what I can currently do while working towards becoming that person who can help all these people.

The trigger to all these thoughts? Simply put, browsing the CNN website and coming across the CNN heroes 2012. Here are links to the articles that really inspired me, not to say the others are not equally inspiring, but for some reason these stood out;