Thank You

The theme today will be Friendship again.

Why? Because it is just that important, life changing and character forming as those other experiences in life :)!


Around 11 years ago, I met two very precious people to me. Thinking back, right before meeting these two girls, I was readying myself to be on my own, after having bravely broken away from a group of friends where things were not going well.  In the mind of a 12 year old, that’s a scary place to be!

I had already met one of them on the second day of high school. I lived an hour away from home, with no knowledge of how to take the bus to get home, let alone get to the bus station, and I was stranded as nobody was there to pick me up. I was there on the steps of the building when, remembering that this girl lived in roughly the same area as me (give or take a 30 minute bus journey :P) , I decided to ask her if I could get a lift from her as her father worked in the school opposite ours. She thankfully said yes and I got dropped off fairly close to home and got home around 3 hours later than I was supposed to, in tears no less!

Our first reunion when we were crazy 17 year olds

Little would I know that this slightly aloof girl would become such a pillar of support and an amazing best friend! When I first joined the group with her and Anjalee, it is safe to say we were not bosom buddies but rather she was slightly wary of me! But life works in mysterious ways and today I can honestly say that life would not be the same without her advice, support, love and constant loyalty! We just go crazy when we are all together, and even freer to be ourselves without a care for the world or what anybody else thinks!

Still just as zany at 20

Still just as zany at 20!

Despite a distance of miles, our friendship is just as it was, if not stronger, whenever we have met again over the years. I have also seen her grow into a stronger, self assured and more beautiful person.  She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. It is not an easy path but she is going through all the ups and downs with admirable courage and strength of spirit!  Today we are all three growing up so quickly but when we are all three together, it is like no time has elapsed and we are still mischievous 13 year olds 🙂 ! The bond between us is still strong and it is true that we are all three soul mates! ^_^ I also know that we will always be there for each other, no matter what and that is an amazing thing in itself because it is so rare to find best friends like these two 🙂 .

Happy Birthday Bestie, you with your crazy quirks, extremely talented dancing, compassion, support, comfort and courage! Love you loads! 🙂 Most of all, Thank you for being you and I am always grateful for knowing that I have you out there in the Universe!

This post is dedicated to  Sheekha; best friend of 11 years 🙂  and is also her birthday present! ^_^

2011 and still going strong 🙂