Autumn is definitely making its presence known



Today I felt humbled… This world has amazing people who are an inspiration. We get so caught up in the little things in everyday life that we  sometimes forget the important issues. How insignificant some things can be, like not being able to go to a concert, not being able to afford Tiffany jewellery, not being able to eat everything, not having designer bags, not being able to work up the courage to do things… and so on… Image

I am not saying they are silly but in the bigger scheme of life…they are… Not being able to afford these things while there are people, children, babies in the world who do not have basic things like a roof over their heads, running water or clothes. As for not being able to eat anything, there are people out there who do not eat for days, cannot afford a meal and even cannot feed their babies or children. Courage? Their are little children who have to start supporting their families, walking miles to get water or food, have to survive in the most dangerous environment, do not get education and often do not make it into adulthood despite all their efforts.

How can I complain? Can I not make a conscious effort not to? Can I , knowing all of this, not strive towards becoming a person who will help these people? The answer.. quite obvious, yes! This does not mean that I cannot enjoy the things I do have, but maybe giving up a treat or luxury a month to contribute to these causes, however small, makes a difference. It is a start and is what I can currently do while working towards becoming that person who can help all these people.

The trigger to all these thoughts? Simply put, browsing the CNN website and coming across the CNN heroes 2012. Here are links to the articles that really inspired me, not to say the others are not equally inspiring, but for some reason these stood out;