Life…..and Regrets

We make many decisions in life, some good and some not good (according to ourselves and others), but then is there really such a thing as a bad decision. If we have thought carefully and considered all aspects of and issue or problem, and then made the decision, should we say “oh this was a bad decision”?

A while back, my friends introduced me to positive affirmations. Now you’re going to think ” oh this is such a load of hooey!” But no it actually is not, thinking positive thoughts is like setting stones for a road, projecting what you want for now and for the future. In that respect, one of the things that were spoken about were things that happened in the past and regrets.

So many of us, ( I was guilty of this as well and sometimes still am!) have moments when we live in the past. We think back on events that have occurred and think , “Oh how I wish I hadn’t done that”. Is it fair on us to do so? I now believe that all the decisions I have made in life have led me to now. Who I am, the person I became now is all due to those decisions. Yes, I am still working on developing my personality but I have changed so much over the past 13 years or so, and I can gladly say all for the better 🙂 .

I used to feel so much regret over things that have happened in the past, but not so much now. How? Well  with a lot of introspection ^_^ I have stuck by my belief that things do not occur randomly, there is a reason (however obscure) behind everything that happens and all the decisions we make (even the things we do not have control over). Failure is as much a part of those stones as is success in paving the road I am walking on 🙂

So if someone asks me today, “Do you have any regrets?” , my answer will be “No, I don’t ” 🙂 Living like this makes focusing on now and the future much easier and much more fruitful than moving forward still carrying all the extra luggage from the past. I would say my parents, my friends and people I have briefly met in life are those that have had a hand in this process today. I thank the greater power out there everyday for giving me, no blessing me with such wonderful people in my life. Not regretting decisions or events that have happened, not worrying what others think of me, because I am me and they are themselves and if we were to conform to the ideas of others, then we will not be ourselves anymore and the world will be made of clones ( 😛 ), these are all so important in life. So deal with the past now and move forward and no regrets 🙂