Cheesecake/soufflé yoghurt hybrid

So I’m amazed how these ideas just randomly pop in my head…… I had some yoghurt in the fridge and for some reason the idea of baking with eggs and yoghurt kept bugging me since yesterday. 

So I took 3tbsps out and placed it in a strainer with a cheesecloth to get some yoghurt cheese. Then after around 1hr30mins, I took two large eggs, separated the yolks and whites. I mixed the yolks with around 1tsp vanilla essence, and 2tbsps flour(slightly more). Mixed it. Ithen used my electric mixer to beat the egg whites with 2-3 pinches of flour and when they formed stiff peaks, I added around four or two tbsps white granulated sugar while still mixing. I gently added the whites to the yolk mixture and carefully folded the mixture,around 7-8 turns maximum each time. 

I poured this mixture into a greased bowl and placed it in the steamer for around 10-15mins. Tadahhhh!!!!! The result was amazing 😀 

I will post more later along with pictures but for now huzzah for the successful experiment!!


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