Kpopland and Kdramaland update

Current Korean Dramas that have me captivated ^^:

-The King 2 Hearts (Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won! <3)

-Rooftop Prince (Omo Chunnie!! >.< , Lee Min Ho!)

Ah The Moon that Embraces the Sun was EPIC as well, despite the slightly, teensy bit disappointing ending… But neat and satisfying nonetheless! I was very excited to see Lee Dong Wook’s new drama Wild Romance  with Lee Si Young (!!<3), but I struggled to watch the first episode and gave up. Scent of a Woman  gave me high expectations, but hey you win some and lose some! I still love him!

On another note, I wonder how he will fare as Strong Heart’s new MC ? Seungi will be sorely missed but at least we still get to see him in the drama 😉


Nell is making their comeback soon! Can’t wait !!

EXO-K finally debuted… emphasis on the finally here  but  very very promising group!

4Minute released their music video but I have not seen it yet so….

CNBlue!! I need to listen to the album properly ( I know *gasp* I dare call myself a BOICE?!)

SHINHWAAAAAAA!!! YEAAAHHHH!! ❤ ❤ Love, love these guys! Still kickin’ butt after 14 years!!! Legend indeed!!! Though seeing them makes me feel slightly melancholic as I see what DBSK might have been… Still, keep the faith! Things do happen for a reason!

SHINee!! Lee Jinki and Key ❤


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jademwong
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 22:12:29

    Lovely to meet another kdrama and kpop fan ^_^! I’m actually currently watching the kdrama Big starring Gong yoo along with The King 2 Hearts. I see we’re both double-drama-timing, eh? ;D. Are you also an avid watcher of Shinhwa Broadcast?? I love those 6 dorky men! And I also think about DBSK everytime I watch Shinhwa. Always keep the faith :).


    • yashichan
      Jul 09, 2012 @ 14:09:45

      Yaaay! I loved the King 2 Hearts!! Currently watching Big and A Gentleman’s Dignity!! Gong Yoo .< Totally excited to meet another fan!!XD I'm in stitches because of those 6!:D I've laughed till I cried when I watch the episodes 😀 ! So true I keep thinking if they were still together they would be like this and I tear up each time I watch any of their old videos T_T But as you said keep the faith :D!


      • jademwong
        Jul 10, 2012 @ 13:44:20

        It’s great to meet a Gong Yoo fan too :D! How are you liking Big? I’m so torn on who I want her to end up with…I love both Yeon-Jae and Kyung-Joon! T_T. And I know exactly what you mean, I laugh like crazy watching Shinhwa Broadcast too xD. Are you a new fan of theirs, or old?

  2. yashichan
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 22:17:30

    Loving Big!! Except the constant waterworks do annoy me a teensy bit :I know!! Now that Yoon Jae has been proven to be a good guy again it really kills me!! Kyung Joon and her seem more fun, and she seems to be happier! But I think she might end up with Kyung Joon, unless the producers decide to do something drastic 😐
    I’m kinda both, an old and new fan lol! I liked Wild Eyes at the time and mostly used to watch them in variety shows (Dongwan and Minwoo especially! >.<) But I've totally and completely fallen for them after the Venus teasers started coming out!:D How about you?!


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