Cold Brewing

I have recently come across this method of brewing! Lovers of iced tea and coffee, here is the answer to all your prayers (to mine as well ^-*) .
The weather was getting quite warm and I had this sudden craving for iced coffee. The sad, sad truth is there are no Starbucks where I live and since a trip to Central just for an iced coffee is ridiculous, I went on a quest for the perfect iced coffee recipe! And I did find it on this superb website! And wow the results were amazing! I also made some simple vanilla syrup.

Next thing I know I’m pouring my coffee concentrate over ice, adding milk and vanilla syrup to a glass.

Took a sip………. O.O It tasted exactly (I lie but maybe 99% similarity:P) like Starbuck’s!!

Following that trend, great fan of ice tea that I am, I steeped a around 1 cup of peach flavoured green tea leaves and jasmine tea in a large amount of cold water.
Mind you the first batch ( after soaking for nearly 10 hours) was bitter as anything, I had to add water and sugar to make it drinkable (is this a word?). I did read that for green tea, the leaves can be reused and the intensity of the resulting brew is different every time. Fascinating right?! I thought so too >.<
I steeped the leaves twice after I strained the first brew. Yumminess ❀ The flavours varied, in one brew you could taste more of the peach tea and the later brews had a stronger taste of the jasmine tea!
Recipes for these cold brews can be found easily on the Internet! So get brewing coffee and tea lovers! ^_^
I know I’m hooked for life πŸ˜€


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Luvnish A.T
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 11:38:14

    This just gave me a feeling in my tongue… you know.. that fleeting feeling of anticipation which spreads through your tongue when you see tasty stuff!!
    Do send me the recipe!


    • yashichan
      Aug 11, 2012 @ 17:50:50

      Hahahaha yes I know that feeling all too well πŸ˜› Will do, take pictures when you make it πŸ™‚ Its really nice with condensed milk as well! But obviously as I cannot have it, I didn’t use it!;)


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